In this unprecedented period when all non-essential businesses are closed, it may be difficult for some people to continue their purchase of a future vehicle.


Thanks to technology, it is not only possible to shop for a car, but also to configure it to your liking and even order it while staying at home. Here's how it works.


Take your time to research


Before even taking your virtual steps with your dealer, it is essential to be well informed in order to really target your needs and understand which vehicle can best meet them. For this purpose, consult road tests and online comparison matches on reputable specialized sites. Dealer sites can also be a very relevant source of information during your search period.


The configuration step


When you've identified which model is right for you, it's time to take the next step. On the dealer's website, you will find a configuration tool that will allow you to virtually analyze the vehicle from all angles. You can add your personal touch by changing the color of the body, adding options and accessories, etc.


Calculate your payment


At the end of the process, an online calculator allows you to estimate how much the monthly payments will amount to depending on the interest rate and the payment terms. All that remains is to confirm your order!