Insurance Protection

April 05 2018,

Insurance Protection

Life Protection

Life insurance is designed to protect your family from the financial risks of an untimely death. Should you die before the financial obligation on your vehicle is fully re-paid, your family will be spared the expense and worry of paying out the loan. You are protected during the entire term of your loan or a shorter period if you select short term benefits.

Disability Protection

We offer disability insurance designed to protect you from the financial risks of an interruption in your ability to earn an income. This 24 hour accident and sickness insurance makes your payments for an extended period of disability. If you are sick or become injured (on or off the job) and are unable to earn a income, then your monthly obligation will be paid on your behalf.

Job Loss

If you were to lose your job involuntarily, such as being laid off, the Loss of Employment coverage will cover your monthly loan payments while you are collecting Employment Insurance (EI). You can then, focus on finding another job without the worry of the monthly loan payments on reduced income.

Critical Illness Protection

Protection for critical illness provides a lump sum payment that pays off the insured portion of your loan to the financial institution, if diagnosed with a critical illness. A 'Living Life' benefit, critical illness insurance is designed to eliminate the financial strain of a car loan, giving you the freedom to focus on getting healthier.

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